Fujian Province, abbreviated to “Min”, is situated on the southeast coast of China, bordered by Zhejiang Province to the northeast, Jiangxi Province to the northwest, Guangdong Province to the southwest, and Taiwan to the east across the Taiwan Strait. It covers a land area of 124,000 km2 and includes 1 sub-provincial city and 8 prefecture-level cities. The coastline twists and turns, and there are many islands. Fujian ranks second in terms of the length of coastline in China.Fujian is the greenest area with a forest coverage rating the highest for a continuous 36 years in the country. The sea routes can lead to South Asia, West Asia and East Africa. Fujian is the cradle of important culture like “Silk Road on Sea”, “Zheng He’s Voyages to the Western Seas” and Islam and a commerce & trade distribution center in history. Fuzhou and Xiamen were among “Five Treaty Ports”. Quanzhou was once the world’s largest port in ancient times and the starting point of the Silk Road on sea. Mawei Harbor in Min River estuary is the forerunner of shipbuilding industry in recent China and the cradle of cultivating technological talents. “Mountains and sea combined into a whole, Fujian and Taiwan from the same root, peculiar folk custom, and diversified religion” are the distinctive characteristics of Fujian. Charming wonderland of Wuyi Mountains, romantic “Piano Island” Gulangyu Island, sacred Matsu Temple, peculiar wonders of Danxia above water, beautiful Huian women, magical Hakka earth buildings, brilliant Gutian Congress Site, Tanshi Mountain culture with a long history, mysterious Baishuiyang wonders and magnificent coastal volcano form top 10 distinctive travel brands of Fujian.
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