Fuzhou, abbreviated to “Rong”, is the provincial capital of Fujian Province and is located on the bank of the lower reach of Min River and in the east of Fujian Province. It is a historic and cultural city of China and the largest city in southeast coast and Taiwan Strait areas. It is also called “Rongcheng (literally ‘The Banyan City’)” because banyan trees could be seen everywhere in Fuzhou over 900 years ago when “umbrella is not needed in summer as green trees make shade in the whole city”. As one of the three major hot spring areas in China, Fuzhou is a city of hot spring with a long standing reputation in the world. The hot springs are concentrated on the downtown which is rarely seen in large and medium-sized cities in the world, and it is well known for wide spring distribution, large water volume, high temperature and good quality. Fuzhou is a key production area of national arts and crafts. Fuzhou is located in the subtropics and has a pleasant climate. It is rich in natural resources and is known as the “hometown of flowers, fruits, fish and rice”. It abounds in such fruits as citrus, lychee, longan and olive, and such aquatic treasures as grouper, pond smelt, prawn and mangrove crab. Fujian cuisine represented by Fuzhou cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines of China. “Fotiaoqiang” is even famous overseas. Local-flavor snacks are everywhere in the whole city, such as fish balls, Yanpi and Xianmian (extra-thin noodles) with distinctive local flavor. Downtown Fuzhou is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese. The number of overseas Chinese whose native place is Fuzhou reaches about 850,000. Fuzhou has abundant tourism resources. There are over 30 places of historic interest such as: famous Mount Gu with quiet and marvelous grottoes, inscriptions like forests and an ancient temple sparkling in the sun; Pingtan Island, which is a national tourist holiday resort and is also called “wonderland on Sea” by Chinese and foreign tourists; West Lake Park, which is called “unmarried Xi Shi” by Xin Qiji, a famous poet of Song Dynasty; Qingzhi Mountain, which is so named for being rich in ganoderma lucidum and has rock, cave, lake and spring; Shizhu Mountain known as “more elegant than Mount Gu”; Fangguang Cave, Baiyan, Biyan, Jiyan, Sanshiliujiao Lake, Shibachong Brook, etc. A large number of cultural relics and historic sites that are famous at home and abroad include: Memorial Hall of national hero Lin Zexu, Li Gang Mausoleum, a rare big Iron Buddha in Kaiyuan Temple, Banruotai (a large rock) Inscription on Wu Mountain known as one of the “Four Wonders under Heaven” , Zhaozhong Temple built in commemoration of Chinese martyrs in the Battle of Foochow one hundred years ago, Shufu Inscription (inscription inside the inner wall of a tree) in Kumu Nunnery as a miracle in the history of inscriptions on ancient bronzes and stone tablets of China, and famous temples in middle Fujian- Yongquan Temple and Xichan Temple, etc. Known as the “Capital of Eight Min”, Fuzhou was the capital or temporary capital in history for many times. Fuzhou has a galaxy of talents. In recent and modern times, Fuzhou has produced a lot of famous people, such as Lin Zexu, Yan Fu, Lin Juemin, Lin Xiangqian, Hou Debang, Zhang Yuzhe, Gao Shiqi, Chen Jingrun, Zheng Zhenduo, Xie Bingxin and Deng Tuo, and expatriate scientists Lin Tongyan, Deng Changli and Lin Jiaqiao, etc. In recent years, young scientists like Chen Zhangliang have emerged. Fuzhou is a famous city of commerce and trade. As early as in Eastern Han Dynasty, it had trade contacts with overseas countries; in Tang Dynasty, it became an international trade city; in Song Dynasty, it developed into a famous port city and was an important gateway for “Silk Road on Sea”; in Ming Dynasty, it was the heyday of foreign trade, and Zheng He stopped at Taiping Port of Fuzhou (areas in Mawei and Changle) for reorganization when he went to the Western Seas for 7 times and set sail after adding provisions; after the Opium War, it was divided into one of the “Five Treaty Ports”, becoming the main bulk cargo distribution center in the southeast coast of China.
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