Quanzhou, also called Licheng, Citongcheng and Wenling, is one of the first batch of national historic and cultural cities, a city representing East Asian culture, and the center of the world's various cultures. It is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese and native place of ancestors of Taiwanese. With profound history and extensive culture, lots of places of historic interest, and good cultural atmosphere, Quanzhou is the cradle of Minnan culture, and the core zone and enrichment region of Minnan culture protection. It enjoys the reputation of “Seaside Zoulu” and “City of Light”. It was the starting point of ancient “Silk Road on Sea”, and was reputed as the “largest port in the Orient” in Song Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty and enjoyed equal popularity with Alexandria Port in Egypt. Quanzhou is located in the southeast coast of China, bordered by provincial capital Fuzhou to the north, Xiamen Special Economic Zone to the south and Taiwan to the east across the sea.
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