Eastern Fujian is near the mountains and by the sea, with mountains rising one after another and rich tourism resources. It boasts beautiful scenery and unique characteristics. Such famous scenic spots as Mount Taimu in Fuding City reputed as an “immortal mountain on the sea”, Mount Baiyun in Fu’an City reputed as “famous mountain and marvelous canyon”, the only Zhouning County Jiulongji Waterfall in East China, Carp Brook in Zhouning County famous for “harmony between people and fish” for hundreds of years, the unique Yuanyangxi in Pingnan County in China, Zhiti Mountain in Ningde named “No. 1 Mountain under the Heaven” by Emperor Yongle of Ming Dynasty, Chi’an Village of Xiapu County which was the landing place of an eminent Japanese monk Master Kong Hai when he came to China for Buddha dharma in Tang Dynasty, Linshui Palace in Gutian County which is famous in Southeast Asia and enjoys the same reputation as Matsu Temple, Cuiping Lake in Gutian County surpassing Lake Tai and a good natural port Sandu Bay, and the boundless and magical Baishuiyang are all highly sought-after tourist attractions. There is also Yangmeizhou Scenic Spot which has the development potential of “No. 1 Drift in Regions South of Yangtze River”, enjoys the reputation of “Small Jiuzhaigou Valley in Eastern Fujian” and is a provincial scenic spot.
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