Nanping is an ideal place for leisure and vacation tour with magnificent and beautiful scenery. In the north of Nanping, there is Wuyi Mountains, which is one of the four world culture and natural heritage sites of mainland China, and a national scenic spot and natural reserve with natural landscape, cultural landscape and ecological landscape complementing each other. It’s famous for “clear water and red mountain” and “splendor and beauty ranking No. 1 in the southeast” at home and abroad”. Wuyi Mountains Natural Reserve is reputed as the “kingdom of snakes”, “heaven of birds”, “world of insects”, and “hometown of Vibrissaphora liui Pope”, is the place of production of “type specimen” of subtropical animals and plants, and is known as the “window of world creatures”. With Yanping Lake converged by three brooks to the south and surrounding Nanping City, it is a key reservoir area of Shuikou Hydropower Station of Fujian with a water area of 120,000 mu. There are over 150 scenic spots, big and small, in the whole city, among which scenic spots at the national level and above the provincial level account for 1/3. Nanping was the throat of military affairs and important place of transportation since ancient times because it has beautiful landscape and key location with Zhejiang Province to the east, Fuzhou to the south, Sanming to the west and Jiangxi Province to the north. It is known as “at the junction of land and water, clutching at the throat of Ba Min”. Huang Chao in late Tang Dynasty, Wen Tianxiang in late Song Dynasty and Zheng Chenggong in late Ming Dynasty dispatched troops here. “Dragon transformation of two swords” which sits where Jian Brook and Xi Brook converge in the city of mountains, water, forests and gardens- Nanping, is the landmark of Nanping. It is the starting point of mother river of Fujian- Min River, and is the symbol of Nanping. Legend has it that it is transformed by Gan Jiang and Mo Ye, two famous swords in ancient times. There is a legend about “dragon transformation of two swords”: in ancient times, there were two monsters on Jiufeng Mountain and Yuping Mountain who were sealed into two swords by a mage when he came to visit Nanping. Thus, it is also called “emblem of Nanping”. In 2010, “Jian kiln and Jian bowl firing technique” for which Nanping City of Fujian Province applied was added to the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage list, classified into the traditional technique project type.
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