Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan, is an important central city in the middle of Henan. It is located in the north-central part of Henan Province and on the south bank of the middle reach of Yellow River, bordering Kaifeng to the east, Gongyi to the west, Dengfeng to the south and Xinxiang and Jiaozuo to the north across Yellow River. It has long been reputed as the “Heart of Chinese Railways”. Zhengzhou is one of national historic and cultural cities and one of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China, and lies between the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties Luoyang and the ancient capital of seven dynasties Kaifeng. There are lots of cultural relics here. It owns over 10,000 historic sites and ruins including ancient cities, ancient culture, ancient tombs, ancient buildings, ancient passes and ancient battlefields, 43 national key cultural relic protection units of 38 types, and 128 provincial key cultural relic protection units. Among them, “Tiandizhizhong” historic architectural complex is a world-famous cultural heritage site, comprising of 11 sites of 8 types totally: Observatory (the earliest astronomical building), Zhongyue Temple (the largest Taoist architectural complex), Three Towers of Eastern Han Dynasty (Taishi Towers, Qimu Towers, and Shaoshi Towers), Huishan Temple, Songyang Academy (one of four major academies in Song Dynasty), Songyue Pagoda, Shaolin Temple buildings (Permanent Residence Complex of Shaolin Temple, Pagoda Forest, Ancestor’s Monastery). Chinese kung fu, which is famous home and abroad, has reached out to the world from here. Ancient buildings include: Tiandizhizhong (world cultural heritage, 5A level scenic spot Shaolin Temple, Zhongyue Temple, Songyang Academy and so on), Hometown of Emperor Xuanyuan, Kang Baiwan Manor; Erqi Memorial Tower, Guo Family Yard, Yue Family Yard, walls of Zheng County, Du Fu Hometown, etc. Historic sites include: ruins of Peiligang culture, Dahe Village, walls of Shang Dynasty, and Guxing Iron-smelting, Capital of Zheng and Han State; Wang Zhang Tomb, Xiaoshuangqiao site, Consulate of Japan in Zhengzhou, Ji Hongchang Tomb, Ancestral Temple for Kong Family, Peng Xiangqian Memorial Hall, Hu Jingyi Memorial Hall, Temple of Guan Yu, Temple of Ji Xin, Lie Yukou Memorial Hall, Baba Tomb, Zhengzhou Beida Mosque, Dongshima Dwelling, Memorial Pavilion for Mao Zedong's Visit to Yanzhuang, Emperor Xuanyuan Hometown, Zhengzhou Phoenix Earth Mound, Zichan Memorial Hall, Zhengzhou City God Temple, Zhengzhou Confucian Temple, Jinwang Temple, Liu Yuxi Tomb, Li Shangyin Tomb, City of Two Kings of Han Dynasty, Dahai Temple, Imperial Mausoleum of Northern Song Dynasty, Tea Trade, Fawang Temple, Han Dynasty Tombs in Xinmi City, etc. Places of interest include: Mount Song Scenic Area, Snowflake Cave, Yellow River Scenic Area, etc.
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