People in Sanming are simple and honest, and rich ancient folk customs and food culture in Jin Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty have been kept till now. Folk customs include dragon dance, wedding ceremonies and temple fairs. Food culture includes traditional Hakka Ground tea with wonderful production process and taste, and sashimi- famous food called “Yusheng” in Ninghua County, which can even date back to the time before Qin Dynasty and has local characteristics and shows ancient style. In different seasons, there are different customs: folk customs of She Minority of Qingshui Township of Yong’an City; folk customs of Hakka. Yantang Music (Banquet Music), Zhang Opera (Rod Opera), Guibang Dance (Turtle & Clam Dance), Huabodeng Dance (Flower Bowl Lantern Dance), Tuanpai Dance (Shield Dance), Qiaodeng Dance (Bridge Lamp Dance), Madeng Dance (Horse Lantern Dance), San Dance (Umbrella Lantern Dance). Meilin Opera of Taining County of Fujian Province performed all the year round, City God Temple fair, Five Grains Temple fair, Tienhou Temple fair, Chadongkeng Fish Lantern, Zhukou Festive Lantern, festival, funeral, birthday celebration, and architectural custom.
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