Located in Henan Province, Luoyang is named as a world-renowned city of culture by the UNESCO and is a sub-central city of Henan Province and Central Plain Urban Agglomeration. The city gains its name as it sits on the north or sunny (“yang”) side of the Luo River. It is also called Luoyang (another Chinese phrase “雒阳”) and Luoyi. Luoyang is located in Central Plains surrounded by mountains and rivers, with Qinling Mountains to the west, Mount Song to the east, Taihang Mountains and Yellow River to the north and Funiu Mountain to the south. There is a saying “Luoyang ranks No. 1 city under heaven for its dangerous terrain surrounded by mountains and rivers”. Luoyang was built as early as in Xia Dynasty (Erlitou Site). Such dynasties as Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Eastern Han Dynasty, Kingdom of Wei, Western Jin Dynasty and Northern Wei Dynasty made this city their capital, thus it is also known as “an ancient capital of thirteen dynasties”. It is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China together with Xi’an, Nanjing and Beijing. It is the only city in Chinese history that is called “Shendu”, and it is also the main birthplace of Chinese civilization and Chinese nation. The country name Zhongguo also derives from ancient Luoyang. Luoyang enjoys the titles “millennium royal capital and peony flower city”.
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