As the third largest city in Guangdong, Foshan is located in the central region of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong, one of the Chinese provinces to demonstrate the greatest economic strength and the greatest energy in driving development. In fact, it is situated at the junction of East Asia and Southeast Asia, which is a place of strong activity in the economic development of the Asia Pacific region. Because it borders on Guangzhou to the east and on Hong Kong and Macao to the south, the city enjoys significant advantages thanks to its geological location. Foshan has a moderate subtropical monsoonal climate. It rains abundantly and feels like spring all the year round. The West River and the North River in the Pearl River system and their branches flow through the entire territory of the city, thereby making the city a typical delta region that is crisscrossed by a network of rivers. Foshan is one of China's four famous towns in ancient times. Closely related to Guangzhou in terms of history, culture, and geological location, Foshan combines with Guangzhou to form the "Guangzhou-Foshan Metropolitan Circle," and is an important part of several economic regions, including the "Guangzhou-Foshan Combination," the "Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing Economic Circle," and the "Pearl River Delta Economic Circle." Foshan plays a leading role in the economic development of Guangdong. Foshan is a city imbued with Guangdong's unique Lingnan culture and is the place where Cantonese opera originated. It boasts a rich culture permeated with a strong Lingnan flavor. Foshan is also a place where Guangfu culture, a major branch of Lingnan culture, achieved prominence, and the general respect for academic and martial excellence among the local people to a large degree reflects the spirit of Foshan.
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