Dengfeng, namely Dengfeng City, is located in central and western part of Henan Province and at the southern foot of “Central Great Mountain” Mount Song. It is 56 km long from east to west and 35.5 km wide from south to north. It has a total area of 1,220 km2 and a total population of 640,000. Dengfeng has unique tourism resources. Long history and profound culture have endowed it with lots of precious historic and cultural heritages. Dengfeng has 1,127 cultural relics and historic sites among which 16 are national key cultural relic protection units, making it rank the first among Chinese counties (cities) in this regard, and it is a famous “hometown of cultural relics”. Historic and cultural complexes on Mount Song include such places of interest as Taishi Towers, Zhongyue Temple, Shaoshi Towers, Qimu Towers, Songyue Pagoda, Permanent Residence Complex of Shaolin Temple, Ancestor's Monastery, Pagoda Forest of Shaolin Temple, Huishan Temple, Songyang Academy and Observatory. Natural landscapes include “Central Great Mountain” Mount Song, Sanhuang Village, Luya Waterfall, Jiulongtan Waterfall, Shicong River and Baisha Lake. 8 travel routes of martial art tour, cultural tour, astronomy tour, geology tour, religion tour, archaeology tour, landscape tour and countryside tour are formed.
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