Pingdingshan is a prefecture-level city located in central and southern part of Henan Province. It borders Funiu Mountain to the west and Huanghuai Plain to the east. “Pingdingshan” is named after flat mountains around the northern part of downtown. It covers a total area of 7,882 km2. As of November 2010, permanent resident population reached 4,904,367, the majority of whom were Han people. During the period of Western Zhou Dynasty, State of Ying in the present Pingdingshan City took eagle as the totem, so Pingdingshan was also called Yingcheng (literally city of eagle). During the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius discussed with Shen Zhuliang (Duke of Ye) on national policy in Yeyi (the present Ye County), and left a famous saying about governing country “When those who are near are made happy, those who are far off are attracted”. Descendants of Duke of Ye took the name of the place as the surname and were called Ye Family. Ye County of Pingdingshan City is the birthplace of surname Ye.
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