Meizhou is a city established in 1988 under Guangdong Province of China. The city shares borders with Fujian to the east, with Guangdong Province's Chaohou, Jieyang, and Shanwei to the south, with Heyuan, Guangdong, to the west, and with Jiangxi to the north. Meizhou is a holder of many popular titles, including the Homeland of Culture, the Homeland of Overseas Chinese, the Homeland of Soccer, the Homeland of the Hakka People, the Homeland of Mountain Songs, the Homeland of Golden Pomelo, the Homeland of Hakka Cuisine, and the Homeland of Dancong Tea. The city also holds a lot of official titles, including National-level Famous Historical and Cultural City, Chinese Excellent Tourism City, Best Destination for Travel in One's Car Tours of China, one of China's Ten Cities with the Strongest Sense of Security, one of China's Top 10 Environmentally-friendly Model Cities, and Guangdong's first ever city to be labeled a fine model for both urban and rural areas to follow in terms of suitability for living.
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