Anyang, Yin or Ye for short, is an ancient capital of seven dynasties and boasts a history of city of over 3,300 years and a history of capital of 500 years. It is one of the centers of early Chinese civilization, one of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China, a famous historic and cultural city of China, an excellent tourism city of China, a national garden city, a city of air sports of China, the hometown of Oracle bone script, the birthplace of The Book of Changes, and the location of National Museum of Chinese Writing, Red Flag Canal and Cao Cao Mausoleum. Chinese characters used earliest by Chinese nation - Oracle bone script and the world’s largest bronze ware- Simuwu Great Tripod that have been verified were unearthed here. Yin Dynasty Ruins in Anyang is the world-recognized earliest capital ruins that can be confirmed in China. It is reputed as “imperial capital beside Huan River”, “former capital of Shang Dynasty” and “city of Chinese characters”.
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