Shenzhen is a sub-provincial-level city, a regional center city of China, one of a few "Cities Singled Out for Special Treatment in National Socioeconomic Development Planning," a National Civilized City, an international garden city, one of China's four top-tier metropolises, and an important air/maritime transportation hub and foreign trade port. As the first ever special economic zone established since China introduced its Open Door Policy and one of the testing grounds for China's drive to reform and open up, Shenzhen has already developed into an internationalized metropolis of influence, leading to the creation of the world-famous phrase of "Shenzhen Speed" in the process. Shenzhen is also a major high-tech research and development and manufacturing base in southern China. Shenzhen is a beautiful coastal city in southern China and borders on the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Shenzhen shares a border with Hong Kong, and located on that border is the port of entry with the largest throughput in China. Shenzhen is one of the most economically advanced cities in China.
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