Harbin is the largest city in northeastern China, the provincial capital with the largest area in China, one of the world's four famous ice and snow cities, and the largest and most prosperous international metropolis in the Far Eastern region. Harbin as a city goes back to ancient times. It is a city without walls. Human activity began in and around Harbin as early as 22,000 years ago, near the end of the Paleolithic period. Harbin entered the Neolithic period about 5,000 years ago. Harbin entered the Bronze Age about 3,000 years ago, near the end of the Shang Dynasty, thereby becoming part of the earliest ancient culture in what is now Heilongjiang -- the Baijinbao culture. As a famous historical and cultural city and a tourism city in China, Harbin has long been known by such good names as the "First Son of the People's Republic of China," the "Ice City," the "Pearl City under the Neck of a Swan," and the "Ice City Fit for Use as a Summer Capital." As a city where Chinese and Western things combine, Harbin features the bold and unconstrained disposition not exhibited by any people other than the nationalities of northern China, an endless array of beautiful views that transfixes people to the full, and many large-scale annual activities like the China Harbin Summer Music Concert, the Harbin Ice Lantern Show, and the Harbin Ice and Snow World. These fully demonstrate the rich cultural heritage of Harbin. There are more than 500 humanistic and natural sights inside the city, including Harbin Polar Museum, Flood Control Memorial Tower, Confucian Temple, Jile Temple, Saint Sophia Cathedral, the Russian-styled Central Avenue, cultural relics and historical sites like the former residence of Xiao Hong, the Siberian Tiger Park, Yabuli Ski Resort, and the Primitive Forest. These sights combine with tourist attractions around the city, like Jingpo Lake, Wudalianchi, and Zhalong Natural Reserve, to form a region of tourism with unique features in northern China.
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