Sitting in the west of Zhejiang Province, on the upper reaches of Qiantang River and on the west end of Jinhua-Quzhou Basin, Quzhou borders Nanping City of Fujian Province to the south, Shangrao City and Jingdezhen City of Jiangxi Province to the west, and Huangshan City of Anhui Province to the north, and borders three cities inside the province- Jinhua, Lishui and Hangzhou to the east. It is a central city at the border of four provinces- Fujian Province, Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi Province and Anhui Province, an ecological city in western Zhejiang, and a national historical and cultural city, and also a national chemical industry base. It is also an important town with a history of 1,800 years in regions south of the Yangtze River. Beside Qu River, it is famous for “four Provinces through Qu”, and it is an important town for which armies competed in the history. In 1994, Quzhou was rated as a national historic and cultural city by the State Council.
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