Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili
Founded in 1954, Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili is located in the northwest border area of China, and governs 2 regions (Tacheng and Altay) and 10 directly subordinated counties and cities. It is the only autonomous prefecture that governs the regions and the counties and cities. Closely near Kazakhstan (Eurasian country) in the west, Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili has the largest treaty port in Chinese land route (Huoerguosi Port). The total area of the whole prefecture is 350,000 km2. Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili is named as Wet Island of Central Asia or South-China City beyond the Great Wall because of its abundant rainfall. With a population of more than 5 million, there are 47 nationalities including Kazakhstan, Han, Uygur, Hui, Mongolia, and Xibe (Kazakhstan: 25.5%, Han: 45.2%, Uygur: 15.9%, Hui: 8.3%, Mongolia: 1.69%, and Xibe: 0.83%).
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