Sichuan, known as Bashu in ancient times, is a land of abundance and full of nature bestows, thus gaining the reputation as “the Essence of the Landscape in the world.” Sichuan has a profound history and magnificent culture. The numerous heritage resources include the irrigation works, folk houses of the ancient town, the former residences of the celebrities, temples of Buddhism and Taoism, carving paintings and modern art museums, spanning through prehistorical times, the Three Kingdom Period, Han Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, Earlier Shu and Latter Shu, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. The Golden Sunbird unearthed at Jinsha is identified as the symbol of Chinese cultural relics. According to the historical records, as one of the largest ethnic provinces in China Sichuan has been the cradle for dozens of ethnical groups which inhabited, grew, multiplied and exchanged there. Sichuan covers a total area of more than 485,000 km2 with a population of 81,380,000.
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