Changsha, also known as a Star City, whose historical name was Tanzhou, is Hunan Province's provincial capital, and serves as the center for politics, economy, culture, transportation, science and technology in Hunan Province. Changsha has six subordinate districts, two counties and one city under its jurisdiction. Located in the east of Hunan Province, Changsha adjoins Yueyang, Yiyang, Loudi, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan and Pingxiang (Jiangxi Province). Changsha was a famous city in the era of Chu-Han Kingdom. Listed in China’s first batch of historical and cultural cities, Changsha enjoys a 3,000-year history of splendid ancient civilization and was once the cradle of Chu-Han Civilization and Hunan culture. Suffering from the War of Resistance Against Japan, Wenxi Fire and the campaign to destroy the Four Olds (campaign of the Cultural Revolution), ancient architectures and artifacts were almost wiped out in Changsha. Since China launched the reform and opening up policy in 1978, Changsha’s urban construction has experienced a rapid development, while the conservation of historical blocks were not fully considered, and no complete historical and cultural blocks have been conserved, only with four complete streets paved with granites. In recent years, efforts have been exerted to rescue the Old Town Districts, for which five “historical and cultural blocks” have been established, including Taiping Street, Chaozong Street, Hualongchi Street, Xiaoximen Street and Pavillion of Heaven’s Center. Changsha National 5A Level Scenic Spots: Mount Yuelu - Orange Isle Scenic Spot. National 4A Level Scenic Spots: Changsha Window of the World, Shiyan Lake Ecological Park, Dawei Mountain National Forest Park, Hunan Provincial Museum, Lei Feng Memorial Hall and Pavillion of Heaven’s Center. National Key Scenic Spot: Mount Yuelu Scenic Spot. National Forest Parks: Tianjiling National Forest Park and Dawei Mountain National Forest Park. National Water Conservancy Scenic Areas: Xiangjiang River Water Conservancy Scenic Area (Xiangjiang River Scenic Belt), and Changsha Qianlong Lake Eco-tourism Resort.
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