Being the second largest city of Hunan Province and an auxiliary central city at provincial level, Hengyang is located to the south of Mount Hengshan, and has been called this name due to southern mountains and northern waters. Furthermore, it is also known as “the City of Wild Goose” as it is reported that “when the wild geese fly south, they will make rests here”. Acting as South China's regional central city in military, industry, transportation, commerce, technology and education, Hengyang City has been an important central-south city, national traditional industrial base, one of Top Tourist Cities of China, China Memorial City for Anti-Japanese War, National Demonstration Area for Undertaking Industrial Transfer, National Key Gradient Transfer Zone, and birthplaces of Hunan culture and Hunan army. Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Hunan-Guangxi Railway, Beijing-Hong Kong High-speed Railway, Hunan-Guangxi High-speed Railway, Hengyang-Chaling-Ji’an Railway and Hengyang-Shaoyang-Huaihua Railway are intersected here.
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