Ice & Snow Trip to Northeast China
In northeast China, tourists can see “northern China is covered with ice and snow for thousands of miles”, indulge themselves in a white world, experience the true meaning of ice & snow trip, and enjoy the charm of ice & snow; in the sea of forests and snow field, enjoy the comfort of freedom; roar on the boundless snow field and ice lake by snowmobile and experience the charm of silver white world; on the vast snow field, gallop a horse and feel the joy of life of nomads; sit on a sledge on the ice and snow, and enjoy the great view of northeast China.
Relevant Cities
Relevant Scenic Areas
Description of the Itinerary
Day 1: start from Harbin. In the morning, take a bus to Central Avenue stop, and stroll around stores at Central Avenue. Then walk across the icebound Songhua River and arrive at Sun Island, and visit the Snow Sculpture Expo and towns of Russian style. Then walk to or take a bus to the Ice & Snow World in the west of Sun Island, and watch the world become a dreamlike fairyland when the night falls.

Day 2: take a bus to Hayibai or Fashion Building stop, to visit St Sophia Church, and then walk to Central Avenue to visit places where you did not have fun to your heart’s content. You can eat famous Russian food there. Walk along the Central Avenue to the end, and arrive at the famous Flood Control Monument. Then walk by the Songhua River, there are lots of ice & snow entertainment programs that you can have a try. In the afternoon, go to Churin at East Dazhi Street to purchase specialties of Harbin, and you can take a side trip to the three churches adjacent to Churin. If time permits and you wants to see the night view, you can go to St Sophia Church or Gogol Street. In the evening, take a bus to Qiqihar.

Day 3: arrive in Qiqihar. Early the morning, go to the Bright Moon Island, which abounds with water, flowers and birds, to breathe fresh air. Visit the scenic area for about 4 hours, and then return to the downtown and have a big meal. Then take a walk in Longsha Garden, see the scenery in the distance in Wangjiang Pavilion, and you may see performance in front of Quan Cong Temple if you’re lucky.

Day 4: feel the mystery of “The way that can be followed is not the eternal way” first. With reflections on Taoism, drive to the historic site of Ang’angxi in Ang’angxi District which is the source of northern microlith. Here you can see various stone implements for fishing and hunting. In the evening, take a bus to Changchun.

Day 5: arrive in Changchun. In the morning, visit the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo first, and then visit such historic sites as former sites of Eight Departments of Manchukuo and State Council of Manchukuo, to feel the humiliating history of colonization of Changchun by the Japan. After lunch, you can take a walk at Chongqing Road to relax yourself. It is a famous business center of Changchun with lots of shopping malls and stores. Just stroll around and you may get some good stuff.

Day 6: after breakfast, start a pleasant journey to Changying Century City Film Theme Park, to learn about the mystery of film production and feel unique charm of film culture. If you are interested in innovative technology, you must experience various new films as special effect 4D, laser levitation, stereo water screen, dome-screen and IMAX 3D huge-screen films. If you’d like to experience thrill, you cannot miss such scenic spots as Volcanic Eruption, Heroic Secret Agent and Mysterious Ancient Trees. In the evening, take a bus heading for Shenyang.

Day 7: arrive in Shenyang. Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum mainly adopts traditional architecture style and layout of Han nationality and combines style and layout of Mongolian people and Manchu people. It represents the spirit and broad-mindedness of ancestors of Qing Dynasty and is the spiritual sustenance of descendants for governing and securing the nation. A mansion of commander in chief bears half of the Chinese history. This is true of the mansion of Zhang Zuolin as it records the Chinese history during the period of warlordism.

Day 8: feel the tranquility of Fuling Mausoleum and stroll around the natural Qipan Mountain. Take a walk, go skiing, revel in the nature, climb the mountain, enjoy the scenery, play with water… The pleasant ice & snow trip to northeast China comes to an end.
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