Trip to Coastal Cities
People say that “sea is the source of life”, so many people get close to sea. As Haizi says that “facing the sea with spring flowers blossoming”, people yearn for sea. Sea is the synonym of beauty, vastness and coolness, so people touch the sea. It is self-evident that coastal cities have become the “favorite” of tourists. This line includes some of the most beautiful coastal cities of China which are must-go summer resorts during the trip to China.
Relevant Cities
Relevant Scenic Areas
Description of the Itinerary
Day 1: start from Dalian. Dalian Sunasia has three main venues: Sunasia Ocean World, Sunasia Polar World and Sunasia Coral World. Such three venues are in the same area so you can purchase a through ticket. Take a bus for two stops and arrive at Xinghai Square. Stroll the square in this romantic city integrating fashionable sculpture, modern building and coastal natural scenery. Start from the starting point of Binhai Road, enjoy the scenery along the road, walk between mountains and water, and where you see secluded paths is just the Dalian Forest Zoo. There are all kinds of free-ranging and captive wild animals in the zoo, and you will definitely love alpacas from South America.

Day 2: after walking on Binhai Road for a while, you may understand the reason why Dalian is called the city of romance. With mountains and water around you, Binhai Road you are walking on is as beautiful as a road to heaven. The finishing point of the road is Tiger Beach Ocean Park. The park has 5 basic venues: Polar Aquarium, Joy Theater, Sea Mammal Hall, Coral Reef Aquarium and Bird’s Twitter Forest (outside the park), and various entertainment facilities such as amusement facilities, marine sightseeing yacht, cross-sea ropeway, bungee jumping and 4D cinema. If you have walked on Binhai Road and seen Tiger Beach, you have basically walked to the most beautiful place and seen the most beautiful scenery of Dalian! In the evening, take a train to Qinhuangdao.

Day 3: arrive in Qinhuangdao. Take a bus to Beidaihe. After lunch, collect seashells (or make sea boats) at the seaside, visit the First Pass Under Heaven referred in “Shanhai Pass located between Shenyang and Beijing is unparalleled; It is really worthy of being called the first pass of Great Wall.”; Old Dragon’s Head, the eastern staring point of Great Wall of Ming Dynasty; and Meng Jiangnv Temple in one of four folk legends. In the afternoon, visit Yansai Lake know as the Small Guilin in north China at your own expense.

Day 4: visit Pigeon Nest Park in Beidaihe, the best place for watching sea and tide, climb to the highest point of the park - Yingjiao Pavilion and overlook Dove Nest Tidal Flatland, the habitat of migrant birds and the best-preserved tidal flatland of China. Participate in exhibition of celebrities’ paintings. Read the poem “Waves Washing the Sand - Beidaihe” of Chairman Mao, to seek the footprints of this great man and feel “Heavy rain falls on quiet Beijing. White waves rise as high as heaven, with fishing boats outside Qinhuangdao.” Visit Beidaihe Olympic Garden, a patriotism park to display Olympic history which was built in 2008, and see footprints of many Chinese Olympic champions. Visit the largest agricultural demonstration sightseeing garden, and taste local food at noon, and finish the pleasant trip to Beidaihe after lunch. In the evening, take a bus to Qingdao.

Day 5: arrive in Qingdao. Coastal plank roads connect lots of famous scenic spots, forming an urban scenery line. Trestle bridge is nearby the railway station, so transportation is convenient. Go eastward along the seaside, cross the streets, and you will see a road winding to the seaside and leading to Lu Xun Park. Go further and you’ll see First Seawater Bathing Spot. Walk ahead along the seaside, and you will unconsciously enter Badaguan Scenic Area, a scenic area which can best reflect Qingdao’s feature - “red tiles, green trees, blue sea, clear sky”. You can walk directly to the seaside from Badaguan, and visit May Fourth Square, the landmark building of Qingdao not far away, and Olympic Sailing Center nearby. There are lots of fast-food restaurants along the way and you can prepare snacks for yourself. If time permits, you can take a bus to Polar Ocean World and Shilaoren Bathing Beach.

Day 6: there are many small attractions in Laoshan Scenic Area. There you can ride a roller coaster for free, and there are waiting areas between attractions. You can enjoy scenery and feel the excitement of riding a roller coaster. Then take a walk and visit some attractions according to signs. The whole route is completed based on the route of tour bus. Go in from Dahedong Customer Service Center and go out from Yangkou Customer Service Center. Take a bus in Mount Lao to the downtown, and then play in Shilaoren Bathing Beach, visit the Olympic Sailing Center, and have a drink in the bar area nearby Hong Kong Garden to get relaxed. In the evening, take a train to Lianyungang.

Day 7: arrive in Lianyungang. In the morning, go to Mount Huaguo reputed as “No.1 Fairyland in East Sea Area”. There are towering old trees and lots of places of interest, and footprints of literary men of past dynasties can be traced all over the mountain. Mount Huaguo will present a fantastic world of myth, no matter whether you visit Nantianmen, Water Curtain Cave, Xuanzang Cliff or Bajie Stone.

Day 8: go to Dongxi Liandao, the largest island in Jiangsu, and cross the “No. 1 embankment in China”, China’s largest sea embankment. Here is a beautiful seaside resort integrating green mountains, blue sea, golden beaches, dense forests and rare stones. You can choose marine sightseeing by boat, so as to visit Dashawan Bathing Beach or Sumawan Bathing Beach, feel the pleasure brought by sunshine, beach and surf, and walk in the waves against wind. If time permits, you can visit Yangzi Crystal Exhibition Hall or Tiangong Crystal Exhibition Hall to learn about crystal culture of East China Sea. In the evening, take a train to Ningbo.

Day 9: arrive in Ningbo. Go to Moon Lake first and enjoy the breathtaking views in the park in the morning, and then visit various ancient buildings such as Yinditai Official Mansion Museum and Ningbo Costume Museum to learn about Ningbo culture. The Moon Lake is very quiet, suitable for a walk. After lunch, go to Tianyi Pavilion, the iconic tourist attraction of Ningbo, to feel historical connotation and culture. Then eat special snacks in City God Temple where various snacks will stimulate your appetite. Then walk to the Tianyi Square for sightseeing or shopping. In the evening, take a walk in the old bund to enjoy the night view and feel night life of Ningbo. In the evening, take a train to Xiamen.

Day 10: arrive in Xiamen. It only takes 5 minutes to arrive at the beautiful Piano Island - Gulangyu Island by ferry, and start one-day tour in Gulangyu Island. Turn left when you go out of the Piano Wharf, and visit the world’s architecture. Gulangyu Island was the location of consulates of 13 countries, so there are a large number of buildings of exotic style on the island. And because such 13 countries demarcate the border, the road on the island is mainly round road. Visit such buildings as former site of British Consulate, former site of Japanese Consulate and former site of Spanish Consulate (it has been converted into a church). Then go to Sea Paradise House, a villa combining Chinese and Western styles, and buy a ticket to visit it. Cross lanes on Gulangyu Island and arrive at Shuzhuang Garden where you can visit Piano Museum, see exquisite scenery imitating the style of that in regions south of the Yangtze River, and see the best place of watching the sea on Gulangyu Island - a plank road leading deep into sea, truly feeling “as boundless as the sea and sky”. Walk out of Shuzhuang Garden, stay a while on the beach, and go to the highest point on the island - Sunlight Rock which is not very high but on the top of which you can overlook Gulangyu Island and Xiamen Island. After going down the mountain, return to the seaside, walk along the seaside stone road, pass Gangzaihou Haibin Bathing Spot, and arrive at Bright Moon Garden built in commemoration of national hero Zheng Chenggong to learn about achievements of him. Walk out of Bright Moon Garden and it is Piano Wharf, and the Underwater World on the right side of the wharf is worth visiting.

Day 11: return to the ferry by boat after breakfast. Take a bus to South Putuo Temple, a place where Master Hong Yi practiced and the current location of Minnan Buddhist College. Since South Putuo Temple is close to south gate of Xiamen University, you can have a visit to the most beautiful university in China. While strolling in it, you will feel it is like a park. Take a walk around Furong Lake, and walk along the path reaching clouds to Valentine Valley to experience romance. Out of the Baicheng gate of Xiamen University, it is Baicheng Beach. Walk along the beach till you see wooden plank road, and there it is Hulishan Fortress. There are the biggest coastal artilleries in the world; performances of fire opening with artillery are held at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. every day, which is quite magnificent. The wax work museum tells vivid stories of the life of navy of Qing Dynasty. After lunch, you can rent a bicycle and ride it slowly along the road around the island and enjoy the sea view, and you can pass such small attractions as Zengcuo’an, calligraphy square and music square, Taiwan Folk Culture Village and Mazu Temple. Finally arrive at the bustling Xiamen Exhibition Center, where such activities as large trade fairs and concerts are held. Take a bus nearby the exhibition center and return to the ferry. You can appreciate perfect combination of roads around the island and the sea again, feeling the nature with romance. Purchase a boat ticket and then see Jinmen on the sea. In the evening, take a train to Shenzhen.

Day 12: arrive in Shenzhen. Take an air-conditioned bus to have a glance of the appearance of Shenzhen along the Shennan Boulevard, and pass representative buildings such as Konka Building, China Merchant Bank Building, Citizen Center, World Trade Plaza, Saige Plaza, Huaqing North Commercial Street, Deng Xiaoping Portrait Square, Shenzhen Grand Theatre, Shenzhen Book City and Shenzhen International Trade Building. Then arrive at Diwang Building, ascend it and enjoy the scenery. Then go to Chung Ying Street, the world’s only “one street, two systems” duty-free commercial street which is exclusive to Shenzhen, and a special management zone on the border. The Pass to Special Management Zone on the Border must be obtained before entering Chung Ying Street. It is called the “special zone in Shenzhen Special Zone”. After lunch, visit the Xiaomeisha Sea World, which is a sea culture theme park with the largest scale, the most pavilions, the richest undersea performance and the strongest property of participation in entertainment. Display subjects are “seven pavilions and two parks” and “fourteen sets of featured programs”.

Day 13: early in the morning, go to the Shenzhen Window of the World, which will be a fantastic natural and cultural trip. Based on structure of world regions and contents of tour activities, the scenic area is classified into 9 areas. To be specific, they are: world square, Asian area, Oceania area, European area, African area, American area, modern technology & entertainment area, world sculpture garden and international street which include 130 scenic spots inside. Prepare to indulge yourself in the window of the world. In the evening, take a bus to Sanya.

Day 14: in the morning, take a special-line tour bus and get off the bus at [Yalong Bay Stop]. You can visit the beautiful Shell Museum in Yalong Bay Central Square first, and then take a walk and play on the beach by Yalong Bay where you may see lots of Russian beauties. The sunshine becomes dazzling when it approaches noon, so walk to the Butterfly Valley beside to see colorful butterflies. In the afternoon, take Bus 25 to [Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park Stop], and feel the charm of the nature in the forest park and visit the filming location of “If You are the One” to mediate on the love story between Qin Fen and Xiaoxiao.

Day 15: a must-go place is Tianyahaijiao Tourism Zone when you travel in Sanya. In the morning, visit the Guanyin over the Sea which is 180m high and many Buddha statues in Nanshan Temple, and visit buildings imitating the style of those of Tang Dynasty. Have a vegetarian diet in Yuanqi Restaurant at noon. In the afternoon, take Bus 25 to Tianyahaijiao Tourism Zone, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of huge rocks at the seaside and beach. Then the trip to Chinese coastal cities comes to an end.
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