Guangxi landscape tour
Lijiang Bay is 10km in length and 100-500m in width. It covers an area of 500 hectares and mainly comprises vivid Hawk Mountain, Elephant Trunk Hill, Five Finger Mountain, Longtoushan, Baishishan, Hongma Mountain, Baima Mountain, the branch of Zhujiang River-Lijiang River and eco-farmyard landscapes. The Big Banyan is at Chuanyan Village of Gaotian Town where there stands an old thick banyan, 17m in height and 7.05m in girth with its grand crown covering 2 mu of land. The tree has twisted roots and gnarled branches. Its clinging roots waving in the wind are something like an old man’s beard. Some branches of the rare banyan cling to the ground while others incline into the air. The Folded Colors Hill goes eastward with arduous ups and downs just like a piece of beautiful music that gradually varies from one tone to another and from flat to aroused. The Folded Colors Hill is not only rich in cliffs, rocks, plants and peaks, but also has a plenty of historical interests. For instance, the awe-inspiring righteous Yangzhi Hall, the wind tunnel of the cool world, Wangjiang Pavilion and Yingfeng Pavilion that are perfect for a sightseeing, Mulong Ancient Ferry and the Hedong Cave at the foot of the mountain and the Crane cave and Nayun Pavilion on the top.
Relevant Cities
Relevant Scenic Areas
Description of the Itinerary
Day 1: Take a bus to go to Lipu and pay a visit to Fengyuyan Karst Cave. It is 16 km away from the Lipu County, Guilin and famous for abundant Youfeng Fish (a kind of eyeless?fish) in its underground rivers. He Jingzhi, a renowned modern poet, once inscribed it as “The Best Karst Cave in Asia”. Day 2: Pay a visit to Lijiang Bay, “The Best Bay in Guilin”. For lunch, tourists can enjoy extraordinary farmhouse style food. Then, visit the Big Banyan, where Liu Sanjie and her boyfriend fell in love. Day 3: Take the bus to go to Guilin and pay a visit to the Folded Colors Hill, after which take a bamboo raft to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Lijiang River. In the end, take a free walk at the central square of Guilin, Zhengyang pedestrian street and the Banyan Lake Scenic Spot.
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