Tour in friendly Shandong Province
The reason for Jinan City to have a nickname of “the Spring City” is because that there are numerous spring waters in the city, among which the most famous ones are the five well-known springs of the Baotu Spring, the Heihu Spring, the Wulong Pool, the Zhenzhu Spring, and the Baimai Spring. It enjoys the reputation from ancient times that “there are springs and weeping willow trees in every household.” Jade Emperor Summit, the highest peak of Mount Taishan, is 1,545 m above the sea level. Grand and magnificent, Mount Taishan is also ranked as the first of the five greatest mountains in China or Mountain No. 1 in China. The Confucian Mansion, the Confucian Temple, and the Confucian Forest in Qufu are called by a joint name of “the three Kongs”. They are the representation that Chinese people of ages are commemorating Confucius and promoting Confucianism. The three Kongs are celebrated for their solid cultural accumulation, long history, grand scale, rich treasure of cultural relics, as well as scientific and artistic values. You will see two kinds of landscapes while walking on the blue flagstone road of the Laoshan Mountain. On the one side is the blue sea which is connected with the sky at the far side and the raging waves pounding on the banks. On the other side are the green and luxuriant pines and grotesque stones. Therefore, somebody in ancient times described the Laoshan Mountain as “the residence for the immortals and the place for supernatural persons”.
Relevant Cities
Relevant Scenic Areas
Description of the Itinerary
Day 1: To visit the beautiful Daming Lake Park, which is praised as “the Pearl of the Spring City”. The water of the Daming Lake comes from the water of all famous springs of Jinan City. It has the feature that the snakes are unseen and the frogs do not croak in the lake. Then tourists will go sightseeing at the Baotu Spring Park. The notable Pictographic Stone-Turtle Stone, the Memorial Hall of Li Qingzhao, the eminent female poet in ancient times, the Wax Work Museum, and the Former Residence of Yi’an are located here. Later the tourists may go to the big guest house of Jinan City ---- the Spring City Square, have a walk in the Quancheng Road, Hang Lung Plaza and the Furong Street to take local flavors freely. Day 2: To get on the coach buses after breakfast to Tai’an for the tour in the National 5A Level Scenic Spot and No. 1 of the five greatest mountains in China --- Mount Taishan. The tourists will make a transfer at the Tianwaicun Scenic Spot to take other shuttle buses to the Zhongtian Gate and go up the mountain on foot. They will enjoy the landscapes of the Cloud Step Bridge, the Eighteen Bends, and the Arch of Ascending Immortals along the journey. After visiting the Southern Gate to Heaven, tourists will go to the places such as the Celestial Street, the Jade Emperor Summit, and the Riguan Peak. At the Zhongtian Gate, tourists will take the shuttle buses in Mount Taishan to go back to the parking lot. Then they will take air-conditioned tour buses to the Oriental Saint City --- Qufu. Day 3: To visit after breakfast the three Kongs. The Confucian Temple is the place where emperors of all dynasties worshipped Confucius. It is honored as “the first temple in China”. The Confucian Mansion is the place where the eldest son and grandson of Confucius were living. Its layout copied those of the imperial palaces of China’s feudal society, which includes three routes and nine courtyards. It is a typical building by integrating the government office and the inner chambers for womenfolk. The tourists will visit the Confucian Forest after lunch, which is the largest man-made garden and the longest ever lasting family cemetery in China. After that, the tourists will take the coach buses and go to Qingdao. Day 4: Tourists, after breakfast, will take the coach buses to the first well-known mountain on the sea --- the Laoshan Mountain. They will visit along the route the Shilaoren and the Frog Stone. Then they will have a tour on the Bashui River, the Longtan Pool, and the second forest of Daoism in China --- the Taiqing Palace. Tourists in the afternoon will visit the urban area of Qingdao City, the landmark building of this over a-hundred-year-old island city --- the Seashore Pier, the symbol of new Qingdao --- the May Fourth Square, the Wind in May large-scale sculptures, the sailing venue for the Olympics of 2008 --- the Fushan Bay, the music square, the Sculpture Street in Donghai Road, and the Colorado Scenic Spot which is hailed as “the exposition of international architecture”.
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