Recreational Tours in the Chinese East
The Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum confronts the vast plains in the front, and is backed up by towering green mountain tops, forming a magnificently picturesque landscape. The Hall of Music, the Guanghuating Pavillion, the Liuhuixie Pavillion, the Yangzhiting Pavillion, the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the Xingjian Pavillion, the Yongfeng Pavillion and the Sun Yat-sen Academy are all located around the mausoleum. These buildings and monuments, designed by architectural masters, are the landmarks of the mausoleum and boast high art values. Architecture around the mausoleum is characterized by masterful structural designs, color and material combination, as well as detailed designs even in the most subtle part of the building. The concord among various exterior colors strengthens the majesty of the compound, lending a sense of solemnity and grandeur to the visitors at the “greatest mausoleum of modern Chinese architectural history”. The Thousand-Island Lake Scenic Spot is surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests and boasts 100% greening rate. The scenic spot of 573 square kilometers features crystal clear lake water with the visibility of 12m, which is listed as the national first-class water and known as “the most gorgeous water of the world”. In 2009, the Thousand-Island Lake Scenic Spot was awarded by the World Record Association for having the largest number of single-region islets (1078) in the world.
Relevant Cities
Relevant Scenic Areas
Description of the Itinerary
Day 1: Tour around the 5A-class scenic spots of Mount Bell and the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Scenic Spot (including the mausoleum, the Mausoleum Museum of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang and Empress Xiaoci of the Ming Dynasty, bus tours inside the Meihuagu Valley, and the Ming Dynasty Wall Relics), and take the bus to Huangshan Mountain Scenic Spot in the afternoon. Day 2: One-day tour inside the Huangshan Mountain Scenic Spot begins after breakfast. Touring spots include those at the West Sea Valley, Shixinfeng Mountain Peak, Bright Summit Peak, the Heavenly Sea, the Flying Stone spot, and the Jade Screen Pavillion scenic spot (such as the Visitor-greeting Pine). Tourists can choose to climb either the Celestial Peak or the Lotus Peak according to individual physical capability. Day 3: Take the bus to the Southwest Lake Region of the Thousand-Island Lake Scenic Spot. Specific touring spots include all the 5A-class national scenic spots, such as the National Photographers’ Base and the ancient Longchuanwan Bay. Tourists will also go on a ship tour on the southwest water of the Thousand-Island Lake and roam past the Mangdangwan Bay and the waterside communes of the 1970s and the 1980s. Tourists will arrive back at Hangzhou at night before attending the Music Fountain Show at West Lake. Day 4: Tour around the West Lake spots of the Yark of Lotus and the Sudi Causeway after breakfast. Tourists can also walk along the lakeside and visit other spots around the lake, such as the Gushan Hill, the Sudi Causeway, the Bixuedanxin Memorial Arch, and the bronze statue of hero Yue Fei. Tourists can arrange their own activities in the morning. In the afternoon, a bus tour will take tourists from Hangzhou to Shanghai, where they will visit the Shanghai Expo compound, tour along the Bond adorned by numerous Western architectures while enjoying the Huangpujiang River landscape. Day 5: After breakfast, tourists will visit the Shanghai Lujiazui Central Business District, the ten most significant buildings of the new Shanghai, including the Jinmao Tower, the Oriental Pearl, and the Shanghai Global Financial Hub before the free shopping session at Nanjing Road, which is usually compared to the Fifth Avenue in New York, the Champs Elysees in Paris, and the Ginza district in Tokyo. The commercial district is home to numerous domestic and international malls that feature the most fashionable and extraordinary goods one could think of in China, functioning as the virtual shopping paradise for international tourists. Tourists will also visit the heart of Shanghai, the Renmin Square, before touring around the Shanghai Grand Theatre and the Shanghai Municipal Government Building.
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