A trip in beautiful Guangxi
Seven Star Park is the largest comprehensive park in Guilin. It is located on the east bank of Li River in downtown Guilin, 1.5 km away from the downtown, and covers a total area of 137.4 hectare. Combining natural landscape and humanistic landscape, it integrates the essence of mountains, rivers, caves, stones, yards, buildings and cultural relics, and also includes one zoo, being the masterpiece of parks in Guilin. If overlooked from the sky, seven mountain tops in Seven Star Park are like the Big Dipper. The three peaks in front which are like the handle are called “Crescent Mountain”; the four peaks in the north which are like the bowl are called “Putuo Mountain”. Two mountains with seven peaks are just like the “Big Dipper” in the sky, so they are collectively known as “Seven Star Mountain”. Seven Star Park and Seven Star Rock are also named after it. Apart from the famous Seven Star Rock, there is also a national key cultural relics protection unit- Museum of Guihai Tablets Forest. Famous scenic spots include: “Big Dipper”, “Flower Bridge Below Rainbow”, “Crescent Wonderland”, “Longying Miracle”, “Putuo Stone Forest”, “Qixia Fairyland”, “Red Glow over Jiuhu Mountain”, “Guihai Tablets Forest”, “Light of China” and “Bonsai Art Garden”. The whole park has beautiful environment and open and vast space. As early as in Sui and Tang Dynasties, it was a tourist attraction. Longji Terraces coil the foot of the mountain to the top. Small mountains are like conches, big mountains are like towers, towering one after another. Looked at from the high, beautiful lines of terraces are parallel or crossed, winding like spring conches, covering mountains like towers of clouds, showing breathtaking beauty of lines. The lines are like floating clouds and flowing water, unrestrained and smooth; the scale is magnificent and grand. From river valleys flowing with swift water to mountain tops curled up in white clouds, from the edge of forests with luxuriant trees to the front of cliffs with rock walls, there are terraces where there is earth. It is about 300 m high vertically and 300 m long horizontally. Rolling mountains are towering to the sky. Terraces are like huge abstract paintings between the sky and the land. Every tourist who sees such scenery is deeply shocked. The scenery here is different in four seasons. In spring, water fills the fields, like silver chains hung on mountains; in summer, seedlings turn green, like green waves pouring down from the sky; in autumn, ears of rice are dropping, like golden towers supporting the sky; in winter, a timely snow promises a good harvest, like white jades carved between clouds. Such scenery can be called a wonder in the world. It is interesting that in such a vast sea of terraces, the largest one covers an area of only 1 mu and only 1 or 2 rows of seedlings can be grown in most of them. Thus, people say “coir raincoats cover the terraces”.
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Description of the Itinerary
Day 1: Visit the emblem of Guilin City- [Elephant Trunk Hill], which is located in the junction of Li River and Taohua River in the downtown. It looks like an elephant drinking water by the river, lifelike and attractive. It is considered to be the symbol of mountains and rivers of Guilin, and is the must-see place for tourists. Then visit the largest comprehensive park with the most tourists and the longest history in Guilin- [Seven Star Park]. It is named after Seven Star Mountain, and assembles such historical and humanistic landscape as Seven Star Mountain, Qixia Temple, Camel Peak, Putuo Mountain, Light of China Square, the oldest bridge of Guilin- Flower Bridge and Crescent Mountain. Day 2: After breakfast, go to Mopanshan Wharf, to take a luxurious air-conditioned boat to visit “hundred-kilometer-long scroll”- [Li River] including Yangdi Mist and Rain, Boy Worshiping Avalokitesvara, Nine-Horse Mural Hill, Reflection of Huangbu Beach and Fine Scenery at Xingping, enjoying beautiful natural scenery, and tasting the fantastic feeling of “boats sail on water, people tour in painting”. After getting off the boat at the wharf, roam around the global village- [West Yangshuo Street]. Day 3: After breakfast, take a bus to Longsheng Various Nationalities Autonomous County. Visit [Longji Terraces] known as the “Champion of World’s Terraces. It was built in Yuan Dynasty and completed in early Qing Dynasty, with a history of over 650 years. It is the product of diligence and wisdom of Zhuang people over hundreds of years. It is 27 km away from Longsheng and 80 km away from Guilin, and covers a total area of 66 km2. Terraces are distributed between 300 and 1,100 m in altitude, mostly with a gradient of 26-35?, the maximum gradient being 50?. Terraces are like chains and belts, coiling the foot of the mountain to the top. Small mountains are like conches, and big mountains are like towers, towering one after another. Integrating magnificence and elegance, it can be called “One Wonder in the World”. Although terraces are everywhere in southern mountainous areas, it is rare to see such terraces like Longji Terraces with such a big scale. On the way, you can see peculiar wooden stilted buildings in Zhuang villages. Day 4: After breakfast, visit “State Guest Cave’- [Reed Flute Cave]. In the cave, there are lots of colorful and exquisite stalagmite, stalactite, stone pillars, stone curtains and flowers, forming such landscape as Tigers in Morning Glow, Red Draperies, Dragon Pagoda, Primitive Forest, Crystal Palace and Mount Huaguo. Tourists will be dazzled by such a wonderland which is reputed as “Palace of the Nature’s Art”. Climb the highest mountain of Guilin- [Folded Brocade Hill], overlook beautiful scenery of Guilin surrounded by mountains and rivers in Snatching Cloud Pavilion, visit Wind Cave, see the inscription written by Marshal Chen Yi when he visited Guilin- “Willing to be a person of Guilin instead of an immortal”, and visit Butterfly Conservatory, etc. Visit [Taming Wave Hill] bordering on Li River. The lonely hill stands high by the river to the east which flows back after encountering obstructions. Taming Wave Park contains mountains, rivers, caves, stones, yards and cultural relics, being known as the “Taming Wave Wonderland”. You can walk to see the city’s central park integrating beautiful scenery and profound culture- [Banyan Lake & Fir Lake Scenic Spot] which includes such landscape as the Sun Pagoda and the Moon Pagoda (exterior), Buildings on Mid-lake Island, Xizhou Pavilion and Poetry Inscriptions.
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