Wandering tour in Guilin’s scenery
Gudong forestry and waterfall group tourist area is located at piedmont of Butterfly Mountain of Gudong Village, Dayu Town—8 km away from the road of Caoping, opposite to the bank of foreign affairs wharf of Li River, and 25 km away from Guilin City. The stream of Goudong Falls is clear and not dry all the year round, and the average sediment concentration of the river is only 0.1 g/m3, the annual average flow is 5m3/s. The waterfall is divided into 13 levels, and the whole fall is 90m with an average width of 20m. The forest coverage of Gudong forestry and waterfall group tourism area is up to 96%, covering an area of 300mu (a unit of area) including 2000 mu of primeval forest. The forest area is decorated with towering ancient trees and attractive red maples. Vines twine around trees, trees twine around vines, and there is full of wild charm. The scenery is beautiful, birds are singing and flowers are giving forth their fragrance and the air is fresh. It is a forest park with the shortest distance to downtown of Guilin City, the widest area and the most unique waterfall; it is also a wonderful spot for mountain adventure and forest tryst. Guilin Seven Stars (Rock) Scenic Spot is located at the Eastern bank of Li River, the shore of Xiaodong River which is a tributary of Li River, the area is 1.5 km away from downtown. It covers an area of 134.7 hectares with a green coverage up to 84%, and it is the largest comprehensive scenic spot with the longest history, the most massive and concentrated scenery. The extensive knowledge and profound scholarship of history and culture converge at Seven Stars, the perfect combination of nature and humanity show at Seven Stars. The Seven Stars is called the epitome of Guilin’s landscape and culture, the green lung of Guilin’s cities. The Seven Stars, epitomizing Guilin’s mountains, waters, caves, rocks, gardens, architectures and heritage, is the epitome of essential landscape of Guilin’s scenery. The Li River is called a hundred-mile scroll. Green peaks fringe both banks, green water linger on; the canyons and cliffs, hung springs and flying waterfalls, green continent and dangerous shoals, bizarre caves and beautiful stones, all these sceneries are great. The scroll gradually spreads with pleasure-boats down the river; the scenery is particularly great in Caoping, Guanyan, Yangdi and Xingping, and it reaches the top at Green Lotus peak of Yangshuo.
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Description of the Itinerary
Day 1: After breakfast, go to Gudong, climb the eight waterfalls and nine ponds, and comprehend the positive enterprising spirit. Scenic Spot is formed by multi-level waterfalls which are formed by underground springs converging together; the waterfall is 180 m higher than the water level of Li River and it is the only multi-level travertine waterfall group throughout the country; visit the 【Seven Stars Park】in the afternoon. Visit the largest giant granite relief “Splendor of Chinese Civilization” which shows 5,000 years of splendid civilization of the Chinese nation and Flower Bridge, Camel Hill. Day 2: After breakfast, take a bus to wharf, and take pleasure-boat to visit the most picturesque “Gallery of Guilin’s scenery” - [Elite tour in Li River]. Go down along the flowing water, you could find the sceneries that bizarre peaks fringe both banks, green water linger on; steep cliffs and vertical rivers, green mountains and floating waters and charming sight all the way. Appreciate the landscapes which is described in East or west, Guilin’s landscape is the best and feel the poets’ artistic conception that “ships run in the mountains, people plays in pictures”. On the route of shipping, you could see the background image of the RMB 20, and take photos with the view location of Chinese RMB - the reflection of Yellow Cloth. Return to Yangshuo, wander in the integration of Chinese and Western cultures - Yangshuo West Street, and let beautiful scenery and music accompany you through the most comfortable time. Day 3: After breakfast, visit the Assembling Dragon (Julong) Scenic Spot, the main landscapes: More than 40 landscapes including Dragon lady welcomes guests, Crystal Palace, the Old protects the treasure, Peach Banquet, Jade pillars in Dragon Palace, Imperial concubine baths, Bizarre views of stone forest, the moon over the sea surface, Castle in Spain, Tianfei guards the cruise, Golden Rooster crows, Reflection of bizarre peaks, Dragon Palace - the wonderland, Dragons see visitors out, etc. You will explore the causes of Karst landscape, sign with feeling to the magical landscapes of geological changes. There is mysterious underground river inside the cave, visitors can enjoy the scenery by foot with walking sticks or enjoy the sight by boat, and it will make you feel staying in wonderland. You could take a two-person raft to visit Yulong River scenery, this is a scroll-- mountains are in different poses and with different expressions on both banks, bamboos rises one higher than another at both banks, banana forests remain green throughout the year, poetic feelings and scenic moods are all showed in it. Even the famous landscape expert Dr. Carl of Harvard University signed after he studied the Yulong River landscapes on foot: “This is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen in China.” Return to downtown of Guilin City and wander to Guilin 【Center Square】,【Zhengyang Street】 and 【Fig and Cedar Lake Scenic Spots】.
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