West Lake Scenic Spot
With the picturesque West Lake in the center, Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Spot is surrounded by bluish mountains on three sides, and covers an area of about 60 km2, of which 6.5 km2 is the lake. Along the West Lake, there stand lines of willows with ancient bridges leaping over them. Mist now veils the whole landscape, now just perches lightly on the green and luxuriant hills in the vicinity with tiny streams winding in deep valleys. More than 100 distinct tourist attractions are dotted around the lake area such as Sweet-scented Osmanthus, Six Bridges in Misty Willows, Nine Mile Pine Forest and Clouds and Ten-mile Lotus, as well as the more famous “Ten Sights of West Lake”, the “New Ten Sights of West Lake” and various newly-built tourist attractions with distinct features, adding to the color and beauty of West Lake, where tourists can enjoy different sceneries of the four seasons throughout the year. The West Lake is charming not only for beautiful mountains and water, tranquil forest and pathways but also for rich cultural relics and moving legends; it is a place integrating the nature, history and art. Lots of historic sites and cultural relics are around the lake, including 60 key cultural relics protected at the national or municipal level and more than 20 museums. The West Lake is a renowned historic and cultural tourist destination in China.
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