Qinghai Lake Scenic Spot in Qinghai Province
Located in the northeast of Qinghai Plateau, and at the foot of Riyue Moutain, Qinghai Lake is China's largest inland saltwater lake. Qinghai Lake is respectively called “Kokonur” and “Cuowenbo” in Mongolian and Tibetan, referring to a blue sea. With an elevation of 3,106 m above the sea level and a total area of 4,456 sq.km, the lake has an average depth of 25 m. Located in Gangcha, Haiyan and Gonghe Counties of Qinghai Province and with an area of 495,200 hectares, it was approved by Qinghai Provincial People's Government in 1975, and then was promoted to be a national-level scenic spot in 1997. In this scenic spot, plateau wetland ecosystems and rare birds are protected.
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