Yungang Grottoes
Located in Datong, Shanxi Province, Yungang Grottoes is one of the top four grotto sites in China. It is selected in the “World Heritage List”, and one of China’s first batches of 5A Level Scenic Spots. The size of the stone carvings which stretch over one kilometer ranges from centimeters to a couple of meters. It presents a splendid view that so many huge stones stand and stone carvings lie everywhere with so vivid and delightful shapes and looks. Some of them sit rightly in the center, some beat a drum or bell, or hold a piccolo, dancing and singing, or embrace a lute, facing tourists. The faces, bodies and draperies of these Buddha statues, flying apsaras and providers embody the wisdom and hard work of ancient people. And these Buddha statues and musician carvings also clearly reveal the Persian culture. Yungang Grottos, built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, is mainly used for the worship of Buddhism. The earliest is the Tanyao Five Caves. Only 45 caves are open to tourists now, and the first 20 are the key for visiting.
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