Shennongjia Tourist Area, Hubei Province
Shennongjia Natural Reserve Area is located in the western border of Hubei Province. It is said that Shen Nung gathered herbs by putting up shelves and climbing mountains, so the place was named Shennongjia. Shennongjia completely reserves the landscape in the primitive era, and is famous for the discovery of “Wild Man”. Shennongjia includes 4 scenic spots such as Shennongding National Nature Reserve, Yantian Scenic Spot, Xiangxiyuan Tourist Area, and Yuquanhe Tourist Area. Shennongjia is the only oasis protected well in the Chinese mainland, and has the only completely protected subtropical forestry ecological system in mid-latitude region of the world. Animals and plants here are old, precious, and rare. Firs, cedars, and Reevesia cover all the sky. Golden monkeys, sea bears, serows, giant salamanders, and white cranes infest in the grasslands and forests. There are also old legend and plain folk tradition and customs. Human beings and nature together form the high mountain original ecological culture of Chinese inland.
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