Haohe River Scenic Spot in Nantong City
Haohe River flows through Nantong, which is built based on and to the flowing direction of the natural river. The river is divided into the south section and north section, like the Chinese character “日”. The wide and narrow parts of Haohe River are well-spaced. Wenfeng Pagoda, with overhanging eaves and hexagons is erected up at the southeastern head of the river. Nantong Calligraphy and Painting Center and Gehan Art Gallery are built inside Wenfeng Pagoda. The clear water near Wenfeng Pagoda integrates with China’s first textile museum-Nantong Textile Museum as well as Wenfeng Park and People’s Park. Nantong Museum, the first museum independently built by Chinese, along with Taipingxingguo Temple Basilica, Haoyang Villa, Haonan Villa, Needlework School stands beside the south section of Haohe River. In the west section of the river stands Nantong Television Tower reaching to the sky, which is the highest tower in north Jiangsu
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