Tongli Ancient Town Scenic Spot in Suzhou
Lying northeast of Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, 80 km from Shanghai and 20 km from Suzhou, Tongli is an ancient water town with a long history. Boasting of beautiful sceneries, Tongli, surrounded by water in four sides, consists of 7 islets divided by 15 rivers flowing through the town and connected by 49 bridges. Every household in the town lives riverside and boat is the dominant means of transportation. The dwellings in Ming and Qing dynasties are well arranged and bridges dated back to Song, Yuan, Ming and Ding dynasties are well preserved there. The 7 islets, with the Chinese character “川”-shaped waterway as well as the intertwining branches threading through, are like pearls embedded in the 5 lakes as Tongli, Yeze, Nanxing, Pangshan and Jiuli, and it is the flowing water and bridges that win Tongli the honorable title of “Oriental Little Venice”. Tongli is well-known all over the world as a “genuine water town, Jiangnan of the old times”, the famous tourist attraction “Retreat & Reflection Garden” has been listed into the World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO.
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