Slender West Lake Scenic Spot in Yangzhou City
Slender West Lake, the famous garden on the lake, is located in the northern suburbs of Yangzhou and became the first National 5A Level Scenic Spot in 2010. With pleasant scenery of garden groups integrating the elegance of south China and the magnificence of north China, Slender West Lake has shaped its basic layout between the reign of Emperor Kangxi and the reign of Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty, enjoying the reputation of “the abundance of gardens tops the country”. There is an old saying that “under the heaven are 36 West Lakes”. The one in Yangzhou is out of the ordinary by its delicate, pretty and graceful bearing. Comparing with the West Lake in Hangzhou, it has the different charm of slenderness. Poet Wang Hang of Qiantang in Qing Dynasty wrote a poem: “Poplars droop to connect with the weeds constantly and the red stairways are as beautiful as a landscape painting. All these made it a place where money is used like water, thus getting the name Slender West Lake.” The Slender West Lake thus gained its current name and got well-known home and abroad. Slender West Lake is thin, long and narrow, with the length of about 4 km and width of less than 100 m. Taking advantage of the characteristics of Chinese architectural art on gardens, a number of landscape architectures were built on the crisscross rivers adjusting measures to local conditions after several management and link-up. Tourists can start their trip in the Slender West Lake from the Imperial Wharf of Emperor Qianlong, passing the Enjoying Spring Park, Green Poplar Village, Hongyuan Garden, Winding Stream in the West Garden, then the Grand Rainbow Bridge and the Spring Willows along the Long Beach to Xuyuan Garden, Small Gold Hill, the Fishing Islands, Lotus Temple, White Pagoda, Wild Duck Village, Five-Pavilion Bridge, and moving northward till the Shugang Pingshan Hall and Guanyin Mountain. With not only the natural landscape but also the garden of unique features in Yangzhou, Slender West Lake becomes one of the renowned scenic spots in China.
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