Fuzimiao (Confucius Temple) - Qinhuai Scenic Area in Nanjing City
Fuzimiao (Confucius Temple), a group of ancient architectural complex with magnificent scale, is the place to consecrate and offer sacrifices to Confucius and it is regarded as one of the four major Confucius Temples in China. It is located besides the Gongyuan Street on the north bank of the Qinhuai River. First founded in the 3rd year under the reign of Sima Yan, Emperor Cheng of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (A.D.337), its predecessor Imperial College was established on the south bank of the Qinhuai River according to the proposal that “the governance of a country is based on the cultivation of talents” which was put forward by the politician Wang Dao. At that time, only the academy was built with the Confucius Temple constructed in the expansion of the academy in the Eastern Jin Dynasty during the reign of 1st year of Emperor Renzong Jingyou of Song Dynasty (A.D.1034). As it is built for consecrating and offering sacrifice to Confucius (Kong Fuzi), it is also called Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao). Confucius Temple was set up in front of the academy, aiming at encouraging the scholars to follow the doctrines of the decreased sage and accept the feudal education and civilization. The Confucius Temple is the cultural and educational center of Nanjing in the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as the top 1 cultural and educational architectural complex among the eastern and southern provinces. Driven by the demands of modern times, the Confucius Temple has become the place of cultural activity of the masses. At present, the Confucius Temple is surrounded by busy commercial streets and snack streets.
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