Lingshan Grand Buddha Scenic Spot in Wuxi City
Lingshan Grand Buddha sits in the Small Lingshan Mountain region south of the Qinlv Peak of Mashan, Wuxi, where the former site of the Xiangfu Temple, a magnificent temple during Tang and Song dynasties, is located. To preserve the historic sites, promote the culture and implement the religious policy, it was planned by the Preparatory Committee of the Repair of the Xiangfu Zen Temple and Grand Buddha Statue Construction that an outdoors bronze standing statue of Sakyamuni with the height of 88 m was constructed while restoring the Xiangfu Temple. As it is located in the Small Lingshan Mountain which is named by Xuanzang in Tang Dynasty, thus the statute gained its name Lingshan Grand Buddha. Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot is located in Wuxi Taihu Lake National Tourist Resort, covering an area of about 30 hectares. Walking from the Lingshan Large-Scale Orchard Parking Lot to the Screen Wall Square, tourists could enjoy the view of Lingshan Grand Buddha which stands majestically with magnificent momentum surrounded by three mountains. Facing the Taihu Lake southward and the Lingshan Mountain backward, it flanks the Azure Dragon (Mountain) and the White Tiger (Mountain) on the left and right respectively. With outstanding landform and excellent position, this is a rare treasured land of Buddhism. With the length of 41.6 m and the height of 6.63 m, the screen wall is carved with the “Grand gathering in Lingshan” on the front side, showing vivid and quite different images for each celestial being; the “picture of Tang Monk sermons at Small Lingshan Mountain” is one the back side. This magnificent Grand Buddha is the greatest occasion of Chinese Buddhist circle in recent 100 years. Meanwhile, as the bright pearl of the Taihu Lake - one of the symbols of Wuxi, it is of great significance for the social culture and economic development.
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