Kanas Scenic Spot
Lying in the middle of the Altai Mountains of Xinjiang, Kanas Scenic Spot is located in the gold zone connecting China and Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia with a planning area of 10,030 km2. Known as "A Pure Land in the Human World", Kanas Scenic Spot has 55 scenic attractions of 33 kinds of basic types, mainly including eight natural scenic attractions and three cultural scenic attractions well known at home and abroad, namely: National Nature Reserve in Kanas, National Geological Park in Kanas, Baihaba National Forest Park, Jiadengyu National Forest Park, Kanas River Valley, Hemu River Valley, Naren Prairie, Hemu Prairie, Hemu Village, Baihaba Village and Kanas Village. Kanas Scenic Spot enjoys a favorable geological location and natural conditions. In the scenic spot, the natural landscape is breathtaking with perfectly distributed forests and prairies, obvious natural vertical bands and intact modern glaciers as well as unique ecosystems. As the only colony of Tuvans of Mongolian, the Kanas Scenic Spot is dubbed as a "Live Museum of the Nomadic Culture before the Farming Civilization of Human Beings." As its scenery changes with the seasons and the temperature in a day, the Kanas Scenic Spot is an ideal destination for expeditions and adventures of science, leisure and vacation tours and creative photographing.
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