Qinhu Tourism Area in Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province
Qinhu Wetland Park is a national pilot unit of wetland parks, which is the second in China and first in Jiangsu Province. Located in the Lixiahe water network region in central Jiangsu, it is the intersection of river water (the Yangtze River), Huai water (the Huaihe River) and sea water (the Yellow Sea). At present, an area of 7 km2 in the park is opened to the public. With azure blue lakes, crisscross river network, bottomlands and islands scattering all over like stars in the sky, the park has now groups of migratory birds, 153 varieties of plants and 97 kinds of wild animals. The graceful wetland ecological landscapes and the folk culture of water towns in Qintong make up the unique scenery of the Qinhu Wetland Park.
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