Root Carving & Buddha Nation Culture Tourism Zone
Located in Kaihua County-the origin of the Qiantang River, the Root Carving & Budda Nation Culture Tourism Zone is invested and developed by Quzhou Drunken Root Art Co., Ltd., and all scenes in the zone are designed by craft master Mr. Xu Guqing. Traffic there is convenient as the county lies in the center of the golden tourism delta of Mount Huangshan, Mount Sanqing and Thousand-island Lake as one of the tourist distribution centers of such four provinces as Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Fujian. The spectacular landscape, along with the profound cultural deposits constitutes the world’s unique tourism zone themed on root carving culture. This National 5A Level Scenic Spot presents tourists a picture scroll of peace, serenity and harmony with skillful root carving, potted landscape, stones, gardens and ancient architectures as the carrier to integrate the brilliant Chinese culture of five millennium in these rare and odd roots and wood. It is a tourist destination of landscape culture, nearly 30 tourist attractions including Lucky Gate Shined by Auspicious Light, Cloud Lake with Zen Temple in the Center, Drunken Root Nature-work Museum, Root Carving Buddha Nation, Pagoda, History Classical Person Museum in 5,000 years, etc., and the world’s largest root-carved statute of Buddha Shakyamuni and 680-m-long 500 Arhats, literature and materials about the root carving, masterpieces of famous root carver, process and exhibition of root culture all can be found in the tourism zone, worthy of the name of “Si Ku Quan Shu” of root carving (Si Ku Quan Shu, comprises four traditional divisions of Chinese learning). The tourism zone covers a total area of 3.03 km2 and boasts huge tourism resources of various types, incorporating 6 main types of 48 basis sub-types as local landscape, water scene, relics and sites, buildings and facilities, human activities and climatic landscape. Of high value in sightseeing, the park themed on root carving presents tourist splendid and cultural and natural landscape, there tourists will be aroused of pleasant feelings and spiritual resonance by its unique scenery and abundant cultural deposit. The unique landscape resources of the zone distinguish it from other domestic and foreign tourism zones. As the root of art, culture and folk-custom, the zone is of great historic, cultural and scientific value, and a renowned travel expert once praised the zone as “boutique of today, cultural relics of tomorrow and heritage in the future”.
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