Scenic Area of Lu Xun's Former Residence in Shenyuan
Lu Xun's Former Residence, the place where Lu Xun spent his childhood and teenage years, is the best preserved historic street replete with cultural connotation as well as the classic appearance of waterfront city. Sanwei Study, Baicao Garden, Lu Xun’s Former Residence, Lu Xun’s Ancestral Residence, New Tai Door of Zhou Family are all well and completely preserved. Changqing Temple, Jingxiu Hut, Hengji Pawnshop, Xianheng Restaurant and other places appearing in Lu Xun’s works can also be found there. A number of old Tai Doors including Shou Family Tai Door, Zhu Family Tai Door, He Family Tai Door stand quietly in an ancient posture. Lu Xun Memorial Hall is designed in unique architectural shape with rich exhibitions displayed in an original way. Shenyuan is a famous Jiangnan-featured garden built in the Song Dynasty. It is said that the garden was where the great patriotic poet Lu You (1125-1210) in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) met his deeply-loved wife, Tang Wan, who was forced to depart from Lu You, in the 21st year of Shaoxing (1151). Lu You was so sad that he wrote the Phoenix Hairpin on the wall of the garden to express his sorrow for the departure with Tang Wan. Tang Wan saw this and replied with another poem. Her desperation and grief finally devoured her life a few days later. And their poems were ranked as masterpieces throughout the ages. Lu You felt regretful in all his whole life and paid visits to the garden for many times, there he wrote more than ten poems. Shenyuan was also historically renowned due to this sadly moving love story.
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