Thousand-island Lake Scenic Spot
Located in Chun’an of Hangzhou, Thousand-island Lake Scenic Spot gets its name from the 1,078 islands scattering within the lake. The scenic spot is a national key tourist area and it was rated as a National 5A Level Scenic Spot in 2010. The lake has a water area of 573 km2 and a water storage capacity of 17.8 billion m3. The shoreline of Thousand-island Lake is 2,200 km long, winding between the verdant mountains and green waters like a flickering golden belt. Hence the lake has been given an epithet of “three thousand Xizi” and “the back garden of Yangtze River Delta”. In 2009, Thousand-island Lake of 1,078 islands was enlisted by the World Record Association as the lake with the most islands in the world. Thousand-island Lake has an average water depth of 34 m and a visibility of 9-12 m, and belongs to the national first-class water. As the hometown of the world famous Nongfu Spring brand of mineral water, the Thousand-island Lake is really the “most graceful lake in the world”.
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