Xixi National Wetland Park
Situated in the western part of Hangzhou, less than 5 km from the West Lake, Xixi National Wetland Park is known as one of the Three "Xi's" along with Xihu (West Lake) and Xiling (the Seal Engravers' Society). It is the first and only wetland park in China combining urban life, farming and culture all in one. The park covers a total area of 11.5 km2, boasting of three causeways as Causeway Fu, Causeway Lu and Causeway Shou (as in Chinese, the three words fu, lu and shou carry the meaning of fortune, prosperity and longevity) and ten sights as Qiuxue Hut, Gao’ s Villa, Fog and Water Fishing Village, and Music Appreciation in Hezhu, Exhibition of Dragon Boat Culture, Xixi Plum Villa, home to more plum trees and famed for its plum blossoms, Water Mirroring Red Persimmons, Lotus Flower Eco-Reserve Area, the main area for bird-watching, Charm of Hong's Villa, the living place of the Hongs, which fostered a group of celebrities, Boat-rowing in the Moonlight. Xixi Wetland consists of five thematic cultural elements - “Buddhism, Seclusiveness, Leisure, Secularity and Wildness”. The four sections of the wetland feature “seclusiveness in the south, secularity in the north, prosperity in the east, quietness in the west.” The kernel of Xixi culture is “One Garden and Five Places”: Hong Garden, Place of Premiere of Yue Opera, Place for Writers of Ci, Birth Place of Water Margins Story, Leisure Place for Literati, Concentrated Place of Local Customs. Besides, the park also offers abundant and featured experiencing products for tourists, as Trip of Fisherman, West Lake Tour, Dragon Boat Cruise, 3D Fantastic Art Gallery, Xixi Expansion Garden, etc.
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