Nanhu Lake Tourist Area
Nanhu Lake Tourist Area is located in central Jiaxing City of Zhejiang Province, covering a total area of 5.86km2, consisting of Nanhu Lake Scenic Spot, Yuehe Historic Street and Qiyi Square. Nanhu Lake is one of the three famous lakes in Zhejiang as “a place of graceful water and auspice”. Nanhu Tourist Area includes tourist attractions like Huijing Park, Mid-lake Island, Pavilion of Misty Rain, Small Yingzhou, Haogu Tower, Garden Show, etc. Yuehe Historic Street lies to the northwest of Nanhu Lake as one of the most complete and largest-scale streets reflecting the inhabiting and cultural features of water cities south of the Yangtze River. The ancient outlook of the street embedded by small bridges and flowing streams, old residence beside the water, shops and time-honored stores shows the prosperity of the ancient water city. Qiyi Square is situated south of the Nanhu Lake. The theme building New Nanhu Lake Revolutionary Memorial Hall vividly represents the spread of Marxism in China, the historical background of the birth of CPC by means of multi-media hi-tech tools. The Water Scene Square stands south of the main building of the memorial hall and there tourists can enjoy the music fountain featured by fountain, laser show and water screen films.
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