Sun Island Scenic Area
Situated on the north bank of the Songhua River inside the city proper of Harbin, Heilongjiang, the Sun Island Park sits opposite the Stalin Park on the other bank of the river. It is a world-renowned summer resort. The Sun Island boasts a stunningly beautiful natural landscape. Surrounded in its entirety by green waters, the island sits bathed in a pool of bright sunlight reflected off the wavy water surface, with its land blanketed in luxuriantly green flowers and trees. The island offers a superb environment where sublime tranquility blends perfectly with the unaffected plainness and ruggedness not felt in any place other than a vast expanse of open country. The Sun Island Park is the most important site on the Sun Island. The park is a perfect place for leisure and recreation because there are many splendid sights there, including the Swan Lake, the Sunlit Waterfall, the Water Pavilion under the Skies, and the Squirrel Island. In 2009, the Sun Island Snow Art Museum was proclaimed by the World Record Association to be the largest indoor snow art museum in the world by virtue of its impressive scale of a 7-meter clear height over a 5,000-m2 area, thereby winning a world record for the island. The prevailing explanation for why the island is known by the name of Sun Island is as follows: The name of Sun Island has evolved from a transliteration into Chinese of the Manchu name for a freshwater fish known as bream. The Manchu names for 3 subspecies of that fish, namely ordinary bream, black-colored bream, and round-bodied bream, can be transliterated into Chinese as "Hai Hua," "Fa Lu," and "Tai Yi An," respectively. The last transliteration is very similar to "Tai Yang," a transliteration into Chinese of the word "sun." That is to say, the "Sun" part of the Sun Island is somewhat related a "bream" species. An alternative explanation is that the island becomes very hot when the sun beats down on it because it is covered in clean fine sand, hence the name of Sun Island.
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