Spring Temple Buddha scenic spot in Yaoshan scenic spot, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province
Situated in Foquan Temple of Yaoshan Scenic Spot in Lushan County, Pingdingshan City of Henan Province, the Spring Temple Buddha is the “tallest Buddhism statue in the world”. With a total height of 208 m, the Buddha is 108 m tall placed on the 20m-high upper pedestal, i.e. lotus throne and 25m-high bottom pedestal which is made of diamond. The Sumeru throne is 55m high, Buddha’s eyes are 1.9 m high and 3.9 m wide, and hands are 19 m in height, 9 m in width and 5m in thickness. The Spring Temple Buddha Scenic Spot is a National 5A Level Scenic Spot. With a surface area of 11,300m2, the whole Buddha statue was welded by 3,300 tons of copper, 108 kg of gold and over 15,000 tons of special steel as well as 13,300 pieces of copper plates. “Bell of Good Luck” in the scenic spot is 116 tons in net weight and was named “the largest outside-strike style bronze bell in the world” listed in the Guinness World Records. Grand Master Hsing Yun, the President of Buddha's Light International Association and the founder of Fo Guang Shan Buddhist in Taiwan inscribed the words- “No. 1 Spring Temple Buddha in the world”.
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