Altay Birch Forest Garden
Birch Forest Garden mainly consists of natural birches. It covers an area of 52.5 ha. Located in the northwest corner of Altay Downtown and the flood plain belt on upper stream of Kelan River, its terrain is relatively vast and flat. Kelan River divides the garden into six small islands, leading to the beautiful sceneries intersected by forests and waters. Birch Forest Garden is also named as Dutong Island, for a Dutong spent a holiday at the summer resort here. In 1940s, due to the turmoil of Altay, the birch forest was destroyed into nothing. However, luckily, the birches grew up again after the fire. Now, the trees are secondary trees naturally growing up. Their age is no more than 50 years old. The Birch Forest recovers due to blooming trees and grasses.
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