Zhenbeibu Western Film Studio, Yinchuan City, Ningxia
The Western Film Studio is located in the Zhenbeibu Town, Xixia District, Yinchuan City with two castles on both sides of the south and north, sitting west towards the east. The old castle Wengcheng site is close to the east of mountain road while the new castle, the wall built based on the loess, is 200 meters in the north far from the old one. Meanwhile, the Western Film Studio is also the only famous studio in western China. Huaxia Western Film Studio has developed the visiting tourist spots into an amusing one. Now, they still reserve and recover the original scenes and stage properties in part of the films taken here in the two castles. The scenes include the gate tower, gate cave, poon shut dung, the scene of “giant earthquakes and landslides” fighting between Sun Wukong and Bull Demon King and a series of other scenes in Big Words of Western Tour; as well as the moon door, brewery, the living room of Jiu’er (played by Gong Li), wine vat, bowls and so on in Red Sorghum.
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