Taimu Mountains Tourist Area in Fuding of Ningde
Situated right in the south of the county-level city Fuding of Fujian Province and 45 km from the downtown, Taimu Mountain, together with Wuyi Mountain, is called by people in Fujian as “two superb natural landscapes”. And together with Yandang Mountain, Taimu Mountain is regarded by people in Zhejiang as an “equally grand tourist resort”. According to the legend, an old granny planted orchids in the mountains in the Yao Period (Yao, a legendary monarch in ancient China), and a Taoist priest helped her to ascend and become an immortal, and people hence called her “Tai Mu” or “Mu”, “Tai” is adopted to show respect for the old granny), later it was renamed as “Taimu”. Lying beside the East China Sea and embracing the views of the sea on three sides and one mountain on its back, Taimu Mountain, together with Yandang Mountain to its north and Wuyi Mountain to the west, formed a triangular balance of superb mountain views. With steep mountains stacking together and spectacular rock towering high, the mountain is endowed with beautiful natural sceneries varying with steps. And a poem once praises it as “no stones in Taimu Mountain are vulgar but unique; these amazingly special stones leave people enough room to imagine at will.” Looking to the east, the blue sky and sea merge with each other, the beauty of island and bay are so astonishing, tourists will deeply feel the imagery of “mountain adds to the vastness of sea, the sea adds to the magnificence of the mountain.” Covering an area of 92 km2, the whole scenic area is divided into five major scenic spots, namely Taimu Mountain Peak Cluster and Cave Core Scenic Area, Nine Carps Creek Meander and Waterfall Scenic Area, Qingchuan Bay Seashore Sand Beach Scenic Area, Mulberry Garden & Jade Green Lake, Fuyao Archipelago Marine Erosion Landscape Scenic District, as well as two independent tourist attractions as the Lengcheng Ancient Castle and Ruiyun Temple. The scenic area has a great number of natural landscapes as high and precipitous mountains, rare stones and caves, delicate creeks and raging waterfalls, and human landscapes as ancient temples, inscriptions engraved into stone, etc.
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