Baishuiyang Ningde City-Yuanyangxi Scenic Spot
Reputed as “a unique scene in the world and a myth in the universe” for its unique geological and geography appearance, Baishuiyang Geological Park also possesses the sole natural conservation area of mandarin ducks and macaques. Its riverbed is made of a single flat rock and is clean without any sands. Water is well-distributed along the riverbed and the water is ankle deep through the river’s course. Under the sun, the wave shines beautifully, and the river is a vast expanse of whiteness. That is why it is called “Baishuiyang” (White Water Ocean). Both bicycles and cars can be ridden in it and there is a curved waterfall with a width of nearly 100 m and a 100-m-long natural slide, turning it into a natural surfing pool as well as a natural water playground. Located in the Northeast of Pingnan County, Yuanyangxi National Scenic Spot is the only conservation area of mandarin ducks in China at present. It is 14 km long, surrounded by mountains and forests, quiet and clean, an ideal place for mandarin ducks to inhabit. Every autumn, thousands of mandarin ducks fly to Yuanyangxi from the north to live through winter, in which mandarin ducks were found more than 100 years ago, so Pingnan is well known as "the home for mandarin ducks". It can be divided into five scenic spots including: Baishuiyang, Yuanyangxi, Chaxi, Shuizhuyang, Kaoxi and Yuanyang Lake. Baishuiyang Tourism Area is on the upstream of Yuanyangxi along with the waterfalls and grottos on the sides of the stream. The most startling feature of the area is called “the Ten Miles Water Street,” which is paved with 3 smooth megaliths under the water. The biggest one is about 40,000 m2. When one walks on the stones, water comes just up to the back of one’s feet. The stream has a natural chute more than 50 m long, smooth and clean, which one can slide down without injuring one’s skin
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