Gulangyu Scenic Spot in Xiamen City
Gulangyu Islet is located to the southwest of Xiamen Island and isolated by the Lu River with a width of 600 m from Xiamen City, which takes 5 minutes to get there by taking a ferry. With pleasant climate, Gulangyu enjoys the spring all the year round without any noise or confusion. It enjoyed the reputation of “Garden on the Sea” for its birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers. By completely keeping plenty of buildings with all varieties of architectural styles, such as the traditional Chinese temples with overhanging eaves and rake angles, the tiny Japanese houses as well as the consulates of western countries with an European style in the 19th century, Gulangyu has also won the reputation of "World Architecture Expo". In addition, because of a large number of musical talents and the No. 1 density of the piano ownership in China, Gulangyu has been reputed as “Islet of Piano” and “Land of Music”. Gulangyu used to be a quiet islet with simple and honest people, and the slow life style and fresh air represented attracted tourists at home and abroad.
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